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Whether it’s to go darker or lighter, getting an all-over coloring is one of our most popular San Diego hair salon services available today. One of the greatest things about color is that it allows you to get the shade of hair that you’ve always wanted, whether it’s a luscious dark brown, a gorgeous red, or a stunning blonde. And with this service, the options aren’t limited to natural hair shades. For the more adventurous, there’s also purple, blue, pink, and more. That’s what makes it so amazing because it allows everyone to pick for themselves. Our master stylist Rafi is a hair color specialist in San Diego with many years of experience and training.

            However, while doing a complete dye treatment can be exciting, not all hair coloring options are the same. There are store bought and salon options, and each of those have different possibilities. For a long time, doing all-over hair color was something done at home, which is part of the reason store bought kits are still so popular. Unfortunately, this really narrows down the options you have. And, without an professional hair colorist to offer advice, your coloring might come out wrong.

            The safest way to get an all-over service done perfectly, so that the shade is exactly the one you want, is to go to a professional. And, even at a salon, there are several options that you will need to consider. For example, will the coloring be permanent or semi-permanent? Permanent is what it sounds like and will stay on hair until it is cut off or another treatment is done. Semi-permanent, however, will fade after a certain number of washes. There’s also the choice of single- or double-processed hair, which will determine how rich your color will be.

            Another choice that you will have to make is the shade. Salons usually have consultants that will advise and work with you to decide on the color that works best for your skin tone, hair type, and hairstyle. The best thing about salons is that they’re able to mix their colors on site, so you can have them mix whatever you want until they get the perfect shade.

            If you want an all-over blonde, the process is definitely better left in the hands of professionals. This is especially true if you have brown or dark hair. You will need to have your hair bleached before the blonde product can be added. To do this so that your hair will actually hold the blonde treatment without damaging the hair takes training and practice. However, the results when done with the right salon are amazing.

            Having an all-over color job can be a big decision for you, especially if you’re making a drastic change. Hair is a great way to show off your personality and to highlight your best features. To do this properly and in a way that leaves you happy with your decision, all over hair treatment is best left in the hands of professional stylist. If you are looking for the best hair colorist in San Diego, Ca call to book your next appointment today!

[schema type="review" url=",-117.0268014,15z" name="Susan H." rev_body="Excellent, excellent salon. I have made about 5 or 6 appointments now over the last few months with Rafi and I've only had to give him specifics as to the style I wanted the first time... He's very attentive and knows exactly what I want now, without having to tell him! " pubdate="2015-11-15" user_review="5" min_review="0" max_review="5" "review" author="Susan H." rev_name="Hair Style" ] [schema type="review" url="" name="Caroline H." rev_body="SERIOUSLY THE BEST! Rafi is amazing. He is great at natural blonde highlights and cutting my thick, unruly hair! I have been getting highlights for 15+ years and have never found someone as talented as Rafi. His prices are great, the salon is calm, and he is almost always on time. After almost 3 years with Rafi, I don't mind driving to El Cajon for this amazing experience. He always takes care of me!" pubdate="2015-12-09" user_review="5" min_review="0" max_review="5" "review" author="Caroline H." rev_name="Blonde Hair Services" ] [schema type="review" url="" name="Candice F." rev_body="Rafi is AMAZING! After not being able to find my match in hairdressers, my friend referred me to Rafi at One Salon. Rafi brought me back to the blonde I had been missing from a brunette bayalage. Not only is he amazing with color corrections and highlights, he will listen to what you are wanting to do with your hair and provide his professional opinion to help you find what style is right for you. Recently Rafi cut my long hair to a short A-line, and I can't believe I haven't done it sooner! I'm so happy with my hair. I highly recommend going to Rafi for whatever your hair needs may be!" pubdate="2015-11-20" user_review="5" min_review="0" max_review="5" "review" author="Candice F." rev_name="Color Correction" ] [schema type="review" url="" name="Steve N Dina Jarjis" rev_body="This salon is one of the best salons I have ever been to, Rafi knows very well what he is doing and I trusted him with my hair and I left his salon very happy and satisfied. He spent his time in the beginning consulting me of what color should I do " which most people don't " and he completely explain to you why i should choose this color. I have never left a hair salon place with a happy face but this time I really loved the new look that he gave me. His work is amazing and super clean. Rafi is the best hair dresser and I'm defiantly choosing him to be my new hair dresser." pubdate="2015-06-22" user_review="5" min_review="0" max_review="5" "review" author="Steve N Dina Jarjis" rev_name="Hair Dresser" ] [schema type="review" url=",-117.0268014,15z" name="Doreen P." rev_body="I was super worried going in, but Raffi took great care of me. He listened to what I wanted, my concerns and my past experiences at other salons and he did just what I wanted. I got the best color and cut! I am so happy with his work that I am telling all of my friends and family members. " pubdate="2015-01-19" user_review="5" min_review="0" max_review="5" "review" author="Doreen P." rev_name="Hair Color"]