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In the past decade, the stigma that men shouldn’t care too much about their looks has been completely turned on its head. Now, men’s hair care is just as popular as hairstyles, products, and trends for women’s hair. Whether it’s the short hair, buzzed look or long hair man buns, men’s haircuts and hair care is becoming an increasingly popular topic.

            Despite the growth in male grooming popularity, it can still be hard to find a men’s hair salon that will provide all the services you need. A proper male hair salon in San Diego should provide you with a vast number of services, aimed at keeping you looking your best and feeling attractive and confident. While any salon can offer a haircut, the ones that cater to guys should provide so much more.

            Males in San Diego with short hair are often overlooked in the haircare market. It’s often thought that since they have short hair, they don’t really care about styling or treating it. However, as more and more men become more vocal about their hair style preferences, this is being proven untrue over and over. Short hair needs to be touched up much more than long hair, especially if it needs to be kept a certain length for personal or professional reasons. And most men will admit that a nice, straight edge gives the perfect finish to stay looking fresh.

            While short hair is a classic, medium length hair is becoming more and more mainstream. Not quite long enough to pull into that coveted man bun, medium hair is perfect for running hands through. And, because it isn’t too long, it can still be styled and kept out of the face. Gentlemen who need medium haircuts are going to want stylists who know just how much to take off and how to style it to bring out the best.

            Of course, the newest trend in San Diego is gentlemen keeping their hair long. Just like women who need the products and styling tips to keep their long hair healthy and manageable, guys are looking for an all-inclusive experience with their stylists. They want their hair taken care of as well as getting advice on how to care for their hair at home. Experienced stylists will be able to provide this without issue.

            Men’s haircuts in El Cajon, can’t be discussed without mentioning beards. It seems more and more guys are opting to grow their beards out, embracing their inner lumberjacks. Instead of having their beards taken care of at a separate location, mal should look for salons that can do both hair and beards. Beards take a different level of care and proper stylists will be able to work with guys to figure out what lengths, thickness, and even color will work best for their lifestyle.

            With a little bit of research, males in El Cajon who want a full salon experience will be able to find a place that can provide all the services they need. From haircuts and beard trimming to coloring and product recommendations, a properly trained stylist should be able to do it all.

[schema type="review" url=",-117.0268014,15z" name="Susan H." rev_body="Excellent, excellent salon. I have made about 5 or 6 appointments now over the last few months with Rafi and I've only had to give him specifics as to the style I wanted the first time... He's very attentive and knows exactly what I want now, without having to tell him! " pubdate="2015-11-15" user_review="5" min_review="0" max_review="5" "review" author="Susan H." rev_name="Hair Style" ] [schema type="review" url="" name="Caroline H." rev_body="SERIOUSLY THE BEST! Rafi is amazing. He is great at natural blonde highlights and cutting my thick, unruly hair! I have been getting highlights for 15+ years and have never found someone as talented as Rafi. His prices are great, the salon is calm, and he is almost always on time. After almost 3 years with Rafi, I don't mind driving to El Cajon for this amazing experience. He always takes care of me!" pubdate="2015-12-09" user_review="5" min_review="0" max_review="5" "review" author="Caroline H." rev_name="Blonde Hair Services" ] [schema type="review" url="" name="Candice F." rev_body="Rafi is AMAZING! After not being able to find my match in hairdressers, my friend referred me to Rafi at One Salon. Rafi brought me back to the blonde I had been missing from a brunette bayalage. Not only is he amazing with color corrections and highlights, he will listen to what you are wanting to do with your hair and provide his professional opinion to help you find what style is right for you. Recently Rafi cut my long hair to a short A-line, and I can't believe I haven't done it sooner! I'm so happy with my hair. I highly recommend going to Rafi for whatever your hair needs may be!" pubdate="2015-11-20" user_review="5" min_review="0" max_review="5" "review" author="Candice F." rev_name="Color Correction" ] [schema type="review" url="" name="Steve N Dina Jarjis" rev_body="This salon is one of the best salons I have ever been to, Rafi knows very well what he is doing and I trusted him with my hair and I left his salon very happy and satisfied. He spent his time in the beginning consulting me of what color should I do " which most people don't " and he completely explain to you why i should choose this color. I have never left a hair salon place with a happy face but this time I really loved the new look that he gave me. His work is amazing and super clean. Rafi is the best hair dresser and I'm defiantly choosing him to be my new hair dresser." pubdate="2015-06-22" user_review="5" min_review="0" max_review="5" "review" author="Steve N Dina Jarjis" rev_name="Hair Dresser" ] [schema type="review" url=",-117.0268014,15z" name="Doreen P." rev_body="I was super worried going in, but Raffi took great care of me. He listened to what I wanted, my concerns and my past experiences at other salons and he did just what I wanted. I got the best color and cut! I am so happy with his work that I am telling all of my friends and family members. " pubdate="2015-01-19" user_review="5" min_review="0" max_review="5" "review" author="Doreen P." rev_name="Hair Color"]