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            If you regularly dye your hair, you know that a root touch-up is a great way to keep a dye job looking fresh, without having to pay for a complete coloring. Root touch-ups work perfectly to hide growth without having to sacrifice the quality of your hair coloring. And, one of the things we thinks is great about root touch-ups is that they can be done at a salon or at home, making them one of the easiest hair treatments available.

            As a general rule, hair color grows out in a month to a month and a half, though it depends on how fast your hair grows. While this four to six weeks allows a decent amount of time between salon visits, the time can be lengthened significantly with a few simple steps.

            Root touch-ups at home can be done one of two ways. The easiest way is to purchase a root touch-up kit at a store or salon, which will contain everything needed to dye just the roots. These kits usually come with appliers so the dye can be placed right on the roots, which uses less dye. The downside to these kits is that they come in very general colors, so there might be a difference between the shade of the roots and the rest of your hair.

            The second way to do a root touch-up is to use a full box of dye. This works well if your original coloring came from a box, since the touch-up will blend and match the rest of your hair. Unfortunately, this usually means there’s a lot of leftover dye. And since regular boxes of hair coloring don’t come with tools to help specifically treat the roots, it can be a messy process.

            The easiest way to get a root touch-up is to go into the salon that did the coloring in the first place. Hair stylists are trained to get grown out roots to match the coloring of the rest of your hair and at the fraction of the cost of a full coloring.

            Having a professional do your root touch-up is especially important for blonde coloring. Blonde is such a dramatic color that it requires touch-ups every few weeks. When the roots grow in dark, they need to be treated and bleached before they can take in the blonde coloring. This is quite a process and we recommend that you leave it to the professionals.

            Another process that we recommend having done by a professional is root touch-ups for highlights. Because highlights vary in size and placing, it can be extremely difficult if you don’t have the training get everything matched up. In the cases of highlights, both coloring and continuity is important.

            If you dye your hair, you will have to make a decision about how to deal with your grown out roots. Whether it’s a regular dye job, bleaching and coloring matching for blonde hair, or renewing highlights, root touch-ups offer a way to keep your hair looking great. Root touch-ups quickly and inexpensively allow your coloring job to look better for a longer amount of time.

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