I usually reserve my Yelp reviews for over-rated restaurants, but I decided to show some love to Rafi. I have been living in San Diego for two years now, and I have been going to Rafi for my hair for two years. When I first came to him, my hair was completely damaged and he helped me with products that have brought my hair back to life.

Rafi knows that I’m basically obsessed with my long hair and he doesn’t try to talk me into cutting it off, even when I say I want it cut cause I’m bored. He knows that isn’t what I really want to do, so we play around with the color. I trust him completely with my hair. My boyfriend has always complemented the haircut and color and this was something he hasn’t done in the past. – Chelsea R.

I love Rafi. After searching and searching for someone who can do short hair in San Diego and it took a couple years but I found him! My hair is adorable, I get so many compliments. It’s edgy, classy and the best thing is that I can def do it myself.

He taught me a lot during the haircut and I haven’t had a cut last thing long in FOREVER. It has been six weeks and for short hair, normally by 4 weeks I’m dying for another cut. Not this time, I can prob hold out another 2 weeks if I really had to.

Thank you Rafi! I’ve already referred a couple people who I work with to him, which is the highest compliment for a stylist. – Lorie S.

Following the recommendation of other Yelp members- I scheduled an appointment with Rafi for my first haircut in a long time. I haven’t been able to find anyone in San Diego to do a nice job on my hair. I have very fine, long, thin hair- not easy to cut to make it look good. I had a cut in mind but Rafi had some great feedback about what would work and what wouldn’t. So I let him do his thing. An hour or so later- my hair looked thicker, shinier and was full of movement. I LOVE my cut plus Rafi made me feel very comfortable. He was personable, funny, and really listened to what I wanted.

I would highly recommend him! Plus Salon Moda is very nice looking inside with friendly, warm staff. I think found my new salon! – Jen W.

Yes, as good as it gets. I had been going to my hair stylist for over 5 years . I met Rafi as a client at my business and his personality, not to mention his looks, persuaded me to try something new. After a consultation with him and actually seeing how awful the back of my hair looked, I let him do his thing. He took me from washed out highlights to a rich cocoa brown and cut my hair so that it actually looks longer and healthier. Sounds strange but it’s true. I have officially broken up with with my old hairdresser and am looking forward to my next visit with him. I can’t recommend him enough. I have a new , exciting relationship with a stylist that shows me not only step by step how to do my hair, but gives great alternatives to easy to do different styles. LOVE-LOVE-LOVE him….. – Natasha S.

5 stars for Rafi, he knows hair. He understands texture and face shapes, and how the two affect the ways each individual’s hair styling needs should be treated. I totally trust his advice, while he has never been pushy. He listens, asks the right questions and is suggestive with styling tips. He took me from a boring long hair California beach gal, to a styled and metropolitan lady. Also, Moda uses and sells Kerastase, the best shampoo and conditioner I’ve ever used. – Jessica D.

I have found my new love…Rafi. In his words, “we have finally found each other and didn’t even need All we needed was” 😉 Him being fantastic is surely an understatement, he’s truly fabulous and gifted at what he does. Not just being a great stylist, but easy to talk to about anything. He makes you feel comfortable as soon as you sit in his seat and you feel confident that you will be leaving the salon looking hot! Even before telling him what I wanted, he knew exactly what I wanted and needed to get done. I left the salon with not just a new stylist, but a new friend who gave me a new step to my strut out the salon.

If you are looking for a new stylist…hands down recommend Rafi and you won’t regret it. Tell him I sent you, and he’ll take GREAT care of you!

Overall, everyone in the salon is super friendly and welcoming. Being greeted by the receptionist and was offered a beverage while I waited. The salon overall had a great relaxed vibe to it. The decor was chic and modern. Chilled music playing in the background. I just have to say, you gotta try it yourself, trust me…you won’t regret it.
– Crystal H.

So, I was your typical once a year (if that) go to the hair salon around the corner kinda girl before Rafi helped me out. And when I say helped…I mean, he rescued me and my hair! I was the type that never dyed, only requested long layers kind of lady.

I’ve known Rafi for a while now, before becoming a hair artist, and he told me that he started to attend a hair academy for hair design. Shortly after, my husband (I think he was Rafi’s guinea pig…hehehe) started getting his hair styled from him and let me tell you he’s done and been doing a FANTASTIC job. I love what Rafi does with my husband’s hair. Rafi is always up to date with new styles, he’s passionate and he’ll never do a half ass job. He won’t give you a style that doesn’t compliment you.

To tell you the truth, it took me a little while before I let Rafi “rendezvous” with my hair. Not because I didn’t trust him, but because I couldn’t get myself to spend more than I’m use to on my hair. Let’s be honest here, it’s a tough economy. Money doesn’t grow on tress and I don’t have mommy and daddy’s credit card. Like many of us, I work hard for my money and deal with the most demanding clientel ever! So I’m very wise with my finances. So when I say Rafi is worth it, I mean RAFI IS WORTH IT!

I ALWAYS receive compliements on my hair, even from men (usually most guys don’t notice these kinds of things). I came from just getting a regular, get rid of my dead hair, once a year hair cut… To now, visiting Rafi for my 6-8wk, time in heaven, I need my fix, hair appointment. He has literally transformed my hair and I thank him for that. Don’t hesitate, call him and tell him that you too want to be rescued like he rescued me. – Sofia C.

Rafi is AWESOME! I never thought that I can have a cool hairstyle. He’s been styling my hair ever since he started this profession. He’s passionate, very skilled, and has a lot of knowledge about what he’s doing and about hair products. He understands his craft and is up to date with trends of this time.

His understanding of shape, depth, and color is superb and when you go with Rafi, you will not be disappointed. Set an appointment with him, you’ll be glad you did! – Ryan G.

I recently switched stylists because she increased prices, and also because I felt like I was getting the same style over and over for the past two years. I was extremely nervous making the switch, but I came to Moda actually because they were doing a 50% off promo at the time, and because many of my friends get their hair done by Rafi, and they always look gorgeous.

Unlike many male hair stylists in Hillcrest, Rafi is a straight man who has a serious knack for making women beautiful… He is absolutely amazing. He gives serious suggestions, but only does what you want. He is the kinds of stylist that any woman (or man, for that matter) will walk away happy with.

He is edgy, fresh, and extremely skilled at what he does. You know that feeling you get when you can tell that someone just knows what they’re doing? He gives you that feeling times ten. I’ve never seen anyone put that much effort into my blow-out.

Even though I only had to pay 50% of my total, I will gladly go back and pay twice that next time. I’ve found my new stylist.

As for the salon, that atmosphere is clean and fun. The employees clearly all love each other, and you get that happy, I-love-what-I-do, playful vibe from them all. Which makes it comfortable and uplifting.

Parking wasn’t bad at all ( I went on a Friday), just bring change for the meters! – Nina C.