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Thinking about adding color to your hair? Want it to flourish like your favorite Hollywood star? Well, hair is intriguing because of the look it can give you and the dimensions it adds to your face. Choosing the style you prefer is down to personal expectations. Do you have a preferred look you are going for? Do you have maintenance requirements? There are many variables and making a choice is not easy. Look at a few real-life examples to see what you could end up going with.

There are three types most people prefer to go with, and that would be the ombre, sombre, and balayage styles. What does each one provide?

Here are the comparisons between each style to help you decide which is best for you.

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With the ombre, you are looking at stark lines, so it is going to be clear where the transition is beginning from. There is a clear progression from one place of the head to the other. This is done on purpose for added effect. The ombre is ideal for those who love to work on their hair and will want to keep coming back to the salon all the time. It is reserved for those who want to make sure people notice the color and don’t want to be reserved about what they are getting.


The ombre is the hardest to maintain. You might have to keep coming back for touch-ups because of the contrast from top to bottom. It will become noticeable when you have not had work done on it in the long-run.


When it comes to the sombre, you are going for a similar transition, but it is going to be far more gradual and reserved. The color is going to be spread to the bottom, but not as aggressively as seen with the ombre. The sombre is going to add color, but is more for those who want the contrast, but are lazier when it comes to how they maintain it.


The sombre is easier in this regard. It still gives you that contrast you are going for, but it does not bother you when it comes to maintenance. You might have to go in for touchups here and there, but not as excessively.


The final option would be the balayage, and this is where the color will look natural. It is going to be placed using a brush on a select few strands to create a natural look.
The balayage is for those who want a natural look that is not going to trouble them at all. They won’t even have to look at styling their hair because it will be that natural.


The balayage is the best. You won’t feel like maintenance is needed until your next haircut. It is that naturally placed into your hair.
Any of these 3 options are an outstanding choice and will dictate how you feel about your beauty, hair and yourself. You don’t want to add color and then regret it, so choosing between these three options should be done with care. Also, always look to speak to our master stylist to see what he recommends.

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