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Blonde Hair Colorist

A blonde hair specialist is a professional who will work with you to decide what the best process and color will be for your hair type. Our coiffeus or coiffeur also take into consideration your clients skin tone, facial features, the current condition of your hair, and also your lifestyle. After working through all these different points, you can use the advice of our stylist in San Diego to decide what color to dye your hair.

However, the job of a blonde colorist in San Diego doesn’t end when your coloring is done. After the hair has been colored, a coiffeus or coiffeur will work with you to teach them how to create the styles that best compliment your features and lifestyle. They will also help you pick out the best products for your new hair and teach you what tools work best for your new golden-hair.

Blonde Hair Color Expert

If you are considering going light, finding the right color stylist is vital. It’s important for you to do research ahead of time to make sure the expert has a good reputation and can actually deliver the hair color promised. You can do this by getting recommendations and reading online reviews. Once you have a list of experts, you can schedule a consultation and visit the salon to see if the services offered stands up to your expectations.

The first choice that you will have to make when you’re going to have your hair colored golden or platinum is what shades you want to use to dye your hair. As mentioned above, the stylist can definitely help you with this process. However, before you go in for your appointment, it’s a good idea to have an idea of what you’re looking for in a color. Bring in pictures of several different shades that you like and that you think would go well with your skin tone. Having these examples will give your hairdresser an idea of what you’re looking for, which will make deciding on a shade a much easier experience.

Going blonde won’t be the same for every person. If you have darker hair, you’ll probably have to go through a slightly longer process. Your stylist will stripe your hair of its current color so that it can take on the a golden color, which otherwise might not show up. Your hairdresser will be able to let you know if this will be necessary for you.

Finally, your hair specialist at ONE salon in El Cajon will be able to walk you through the changes you’ll need to make in your life with your new hair. This will include styling, which might be a bit different once you’ve got a new color. Most of the time, the professional will take you through the types of hair products you’ll need to use now that your hair has been exposed to high levels of ammonia. These are usually very small changes, but they’ll make all the difference when it comes to caring for your hair. Visit our Master stylist in El Cajon for your next hair service. 

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