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If you want to add something to your look that will feature your cheekbones and accentuate your eye color, you should stop by ONE Salon and get the best hair highlights in San Diego, Ca. These lighter streaks that run throughout your hair do so much for your style, adding a look of fullness to even the thinnest hair and bringing out the hues of darker hair. The reasons for getting highlights are endless, but making the decision to get them done is only the first step in the process. You also have to consider where you want them, what colors will work best with your hair, and how many you want.

Many hair specialist novices aren’t even aware of the fact that there are three different types of highlights: full, partial and blonde. Full will cover your entire head, from your bangs to the nape of your neck. The description might make this service sound like too much buy, they can be done with varying colors and thickness to make them look amazing. Partial are done on the side or top of the head. While full are usually very obvious, partial can be made to look more natural. They give your hair an almost sun-kissed look. Most of the time, partial is used for short hair and those wanting to not make a huge change.

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Different color highlights will work best with different color hairs. For example, if a brunette wants blonde highlights, the stylist might opt for reddish blonde and golden blonde instead of platinum blonde. This is where a stylist is extremely important. They’ll be able to help you decide what variety of colors you want and how thoroughly you want your hair color applied.

How many highlights you want in your hair will also determine what method your stylist will use to apply the color. There are usually two methods used by professionals: Foil and freehand. Both have their pros.

Foil is the most commonly used method for doing this hair service. Part of the reason for this is that foil allows for a little bit more control over your highlights. Your stylist will be able to control the placement and thickness more when it comes to foil. And, with foil, there are several different products that can be used, from regular strength to more natural highlighting methods.

The freehand highlights method works best for those who are getting full or partial blonde service. The coloring is painted on to the hair, giving it a more random look. Those who want beach blonde hair often opt for this method. It’s also very common for ombre, which have grown in popularity over the past few years.

This service are a great way to add a little more dynamic to your hair color. With the right hair stylist like hair highlight expert in El Cajon, you’ll be able to get just the look you want, whether it’s partial or full, thick or thin, dark or light.

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