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Hair is like a blank canvas. It can be designed to represent anything, express anything. This is one of the reasons we love what we do. We think of haircuts as our way of helping our clients express themselves, each in their unique and individual ways.

We know and understand that the beginning of a persons’ hair design starts with how it’s cut. When our clients come in, we start by finding out what they’re looking for. Do they want a drastic change? Short or medium hair? Do they want to keep their length? Once we get an idea of what they want, we start to figure out what hairstyles would work best for their lifestyle. Do they keep their hair pulled back a lot? Do they need it out of their face? When we know these things, we can move forward with the actual haircut.

Best Haircut's For Women

While a haircut can make a huge difference in feeling and appearance, we know that’s just the beginning of a ladies haircut in San Diego. There still so much that can be done to add to a haircut. Layers can be added to reduce thickness and add an extra dimension to the hairstyle. One of our favorite ways to add to a hair style is to color it. Some of our San Diego clients prefer all-over color, which gives them a shade that complements their skin tone and their new haircut. Others want partial or full highlights, which is one of our favorite services.

We love what highlights can do to hair of any color or texture. And, after a few years of them dying down in popularity, they’re finally trending again. Partial highlights work well to give dark hair a naturally lightened look, like the person has been out in the sun. Full highlights are great for getting a beach blonde look or for anyone who has considered blonde hair before. There are also more creative ways to get highlights, like using pastel colors or trying an ombre look. With highlights, there really is no limit to how creative our stylists can get.

We offer several treatment options at our salons as well. One of our favorites is our Brazilian blow out. This is a great way to get unruly hair under control. Depending on what our clients want, we can adjust the blow out so it leaves hair curly, wavy, or completely straight. Our Brazilian blow outs will leave hair glossy and smooth, and they last from 9 to 12 weeks.

When we’re done cutting, coloring, and treating our clients’ hair, we don’t want to send them out without as much support as possible. This is why our El Cajon stylists take the time to walk every client through ways to recreate their salon look at home. They’ll also make suggestions on how to care for their hair, from what products they should use to what tools can be used to make the new cut look its best. This little bit of extra help is what sets us apart from other hair salons in El Cajon.

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If you need an excuse to relax and enjoy some good company and fabulous hair treatments, One Salon San Diego has you covered. Residents trust the hair services at our hair salon first and foremost. To prevent long waits and accommodate guests in a timely manner, we provide appointment-only services.

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